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A true Muslim believes in Divine Destiny (Qada and Qadar) which means the belief in Destiny and Allah's Timeless Knowlegde.It aslo means belief in His Power to determine and execute His determination.Allah is not indifferent to this world nor is He neutral to it.His Knowledge and Power are in action at all times to keep order in His dominion and maintain command over His creation.

It is the belief that Allah has predetermined things according to His limitless Knowledge,Power and Wisdom.He willed things,aand then brought them into existence according to His Knowledge.Their happening does not change anything in Allah's knowledge.Allah is Wise,Just,and Loving and whatever He does must be for the good,although we may fail sometimesto understanding it fully.

This does not make man fatalistic or helpless.It simply draws the line between what is mithin God's Knowledge and what is man's responsibility.Because we are,by nature finite and limited,we have only a finite and limited degree of power and freedom.We cannot do everything,and He Graciously holds us responsible only for the things we do.The things we cannot do,or the things which He Himself does are not in the realm of our,responsibility.He is Just,and has given us limited power to match our finite nature and limited responsibility.

On the other hand,the Timeless Knowledge and Power of Allah execute His commands,do not prevent us from making our own plans in our own limited sphere of power.On the contrary,He exhorts us to think,plan and make sound choices,but if things do not happen the way we plan,we should not lose faith or surrender ourselves to mental stress and shattering worries.we should try again and again and if the results are not satisfactory,then we know we have tried our best,and the final decision is with Allah.

We should have strong faith in Allah and accept whatever He does because our knowledge is limited and our thinking is based on human consideration,where as His Knowledge is limitless and His Commands are Supreme.Muslim call this article of faith Divine Destiny (Qada and Qadar),which-simply means that the Divine Decree of Allah anticipates events and that events take place according to the Divine Knowledge of Allah.

extracted from Al Azhar Book Fist Year