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The name of the Prophet Muhammad's father was Abdullah and his mother's name was Aminah.He was born on 12th of Rab' Al-Awal,i.e 20th april 570 A.C on a Monday in Makkah.His father,Abdullah died before his birth.Therefore,Muhammad (PBUH) was born an orphan.His grandfather,Abdul Muttalib took over guardianship of the child.He was wet nursed by a foster mother,Halimah,of the tribe of Sa'd of Makkah.

When he was only four years old,he started going with his foster brother to feed the goats outside Makkah.When Muhammad (PBUH) was six years old,his mother,Aminah aslo died.Then after two years,when he was eight,his grandfather,who was his guardians,also died.From then on,he came-under the guardianship of his uncle,Abu Talib whose son was Ali.

The behavior of Muhammad (PBUH) was alittle different from his very early age.He detested the ways of the ignorant and Allah,The Almighty,kept him away from all evil ways and objectionable conduct.

source : al azhar book