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Belief in Allah

The fundamental principle of faith in Islam is the beleif in Allah -His Existence,His Oneness and Uniqueness and that He is The One and Only God.

The existence of Allah is a self evident truth,since nothing exists without having someone bringing it ot existence.Even the simplest,the most primitive man kowns well that one cannot be the creator ot one's self:there ought to be a Creator of us all,the entire universe.

The Oneness of Allah is arational truth,proved by the unity of the universe and its law.The existence of various gods indicates disunity in the system of the universe.Belief in polytheism will entail the difficulty of dividing powers among several gods,if not conflicts among them.One can easily see that all that is in the universe is interdependent.Man,for example,requires the aid of plants,metals,animals and stars even as each ane of these objects needs another's help in one way or the other.The division of Divine Will thus the becomes impracticable.

Faith in islam means to believe that Allah is the One God who has total sovereignty over the entire universe with His creatures.The Divinity of Allah means the bondage of all creatures to Allah,The One.Bondage to Allah is an absolute necessity.But bondage of Man is deliberately chosen by believers as shown in their obedience to Allah in faith,behavior and actions.

Monotheism in islam requires submission to all the laws Allah has sent down by Allah.However,this does not prevent human freedom from legislating issues not revealed in Divine text or any giudance from Allah and His Messengers.But human legislation should not contradict the general ordinance of islamic laws,any Quranic text,authentic tradition (Sunnah) or any ruling based on these.

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